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New Courses in Leadership

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” This statement, made by Martin Luther King Jr., reflects the personal humility and social responsibility that is sometimes needed to be a transformative leader. Who are transformative...  [Read More]

Humanities Courses Premiering January 2017

HUM305 Think Big: Innovations in Art, Communication, and Culture  Would you like to develop or increase your ability to think, create, and lead in new ways? This class investigates historical and contemporary innovations, both locally and globally. Listen to Stephen Johnson, a...  [Read More]

Career Writing Course Premiering January 2017

Ever think about pursuing a career in writing? You may have at times thought about writing your own memoir or doing freelance work writing grants, proposals, and blogs. Excelsior is premiering in January a new course that could set you on your...  [Read More]

New Course Premiering October 2016 – PSY 364: Industrial Organizational Psychology

PSY 364: I/O Psychology           Who should take this class?  Anyone who has a job. What the heck is it? Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) is the study of psychology in the workplace.   What do you learn? How to: Recruit and keep the right...  [Read More]

New Course Premiering October 2016 – SOC 247: Sports in American Society

SOC 247 is a new course that examines Sport as an institution affecting and reflecting virtually all aspects of American society. Sport has existed since the dawn of civilization, and in America, sports have become a cornerstone of society’s functioning, whether at...  [Read More]

New Course for the Fall II term – I Feel Your Pain: Illness and Empathy in the Arts

How do people experience being ill, and how does it change their lives? Children, parents, family, friends, and even we, ourselves, will struggle with sickness, disease, and death. People do not simply suffer from diseases, but from the emotional, psychological, social, and...  [Read More]

Step into the Past with a New Game-Based History Course: HIS350: World War I

“Europe today is a powder keg and the leaders are like men smoking in an arsenal … A single spark will set off an explosion that will consume us all … I cannot tell you when that explosion will occur, but I...  [Read More]

History Course Revised to Eliminate Textbook Costs: HIS325: African American History

Beginning in the Summer I 2016 term, a popular upper-level history course, HIS325: African American History, no longer includes any required textbook costs for students. Instead, students have access to the two volume textbook, To Make Our World Anew by Robin D.G....  [Read More]

Quick Guide: Getting registered for the Fall Trimester

It’s already that time again, huh?  If you’re planning on taking courses for the Fall Trimester, this quick guide to getting your ducks in a row will help you stay up to date on deadlines and reminders.  Please see the checklist below:...  [Read More]

What is a Capstone?

A capstone course is required in each undergraduate degree at Excelsior College.  Don’t be intimidated by the name of this course.  A capstone is a class in a course of study that is to be taken towards the end of a student’s...  [Read More]