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Three Quick Tips As You Start Your Excelsior Course

Get off to a great start in your online course and complete it successfully by following these three tips from David Sherman, Instructor in the School of Liberal Arts: 1.  Read everything before you do anything. I’m sure you’ve all heard this...  [Read More]

Updated: You Need to Repeat a Nursing Exam – Now What?

By Brad Cringle, Academic Advisor; Maureen Straight, Faculty Program Director, Associate Degree in Nursing program; Joanne Bonesteel, Faculty Program Director, Associate Degree in Nursing program; and Diane Wild Smith, Senior Academic Advisor You have received your Nursing exam score report and it...  [Read More]

Embracing Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is like medicine. We know it’s good for us, but that doesn’t mean we like it. In higher education it’s crucial that we learn to accept it. From students working on a first degree to academic researchers and writers who...  [Read More]

Top 5 Posts for the Start of the New Course Term

The Summer II term starts today and many of you will be spending July and August completing online courses.  We want you to have a successful summer, so we have compiled the top five Success Files posts to read at the beginning...  [Read More]

New History Course HIS 354: Transatlantic Slave Trade launching in Summer I

How and why did humans choose to enslave one another? How and why did it become an institution based on race? What effects has the slave trade and slavery had on our current global society, economies, politics, and culture, long after its...  [Read More]

Two New Political Science Courses Premier on May 4

Two exciting new Political Science courses will premier with the start of the Summer I term on May 4: POL 390: The Rise of China and the Pacific Century and POL 320: The Geopolitics of Energy and Global Climate Change.  Check out these...  [Read More]

New Course in Spring II Term: HUM 230 The Ethics of Friendship

Forging bonds with others enriches our lives. Since the beginning of antiquity friendship has been a topic for discussion, especially for the Ancient Greeks and Romans.  Two in particular had much to say about the nature of friendship, namely Aristotle and Cicero. ...  [Read More]

Overcome Discussion Board Paralysis!

One of the barriers to posting early in the week that I have heard from students repeatedly over the years is their fear that their discussions may be off-target or not as cogent as the posts they see from others. I find...  [Read More]

Instructor Tips: Joanne Bonesteel on NUR 108

Joanne Bonesteel has worked at Excelsior College for over 25 years. She is a Faculty Program Director in the School of Nursing. In this role she has developed and implemented a variety of guided learning options and courses to help students be...  [Read More]

Using Communication Tools in an Online Course

Understanding and following the format of an online course can be quite challenging, especially if you are new to Excelsior College. There are so many different boxes and titles on the screen and you’re not really sure which ones are relevant to...  [Read More]