Group Projects

Do you groan at the thought of working on a group project? Does the idea of sharing your work with others make your skin crawl? Do you think it’s impossible for online... [ read more ]

Envision Your Future

I recently had a meeting with a student that was centered around envisioning her future (specifically with passing a big exam).  She told me with great enthusiasm that she takes a little... [ read more ]

Distrac- Oh, Look at that!

Exactly, as the title tried to state, we are going to talk about distractions.  It seems they come from everywhere these days.  Technology and social media allow us to be connected 24/7... [ read more ]

Careers in Cybersecurity Webinar

Careers in Cybersecurity Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | 7 – 8pm EST Register HERE! According to Michael Brown, CEO at Symantec, the demand for the cybersecurity workforce is expected to rise globally... [ read more ]

Tackling Tricky Technology

It’s the first week of the term. You’ve got your books stacked, your desk organized, and your laptop updated. All systems appear to be operating until you log in to your MyExcelsior... [ read more ]

Lessons Learned on Participation from Success Coach Kelli

There are always things in life we wish we had done differently, and I want to share a story of one of those times. The importance of reflecting back on these moments... [ read more ]

The Power of Music

When you need that motivation to get you through anything in life, what do you turn to? As Student Success Coaches, we talk to students who use music to motivate, inspire and... [ read more ]

There’s An App For That: Sleep Better

Hello! It’s Kelli and Hannah your Student Success Coaches again with another monthly app! Are you getting enough sleep?  With the Spring I term and your busy lives in full swing, we... [ read more ]

Are you taking breaks or are you breaking?

Did you know that the brain experiences fatigue after 60 minutes of uninterrupted study and taking a periodic 10-minute break from studying can improve your concentration and retention? But what happens if... [ read more ]

Got a question? Find Answers 24/7

Did you know you can find answers to your questions 24/7. It’s quick. It’s easy. You should try it!!! You’ll see the Find Answers 24/7 button on the Library’s homepage. It’ll bring you... [ read more ]